Audio material for Fryer (2015) “Sonifying the Higgs”

Full reference:

Fryer, Daniel Lees. 2015. “Sonifying the Higgs: Choice and Coding Orientation in the Recontextualization of Quantitative Data.” In: Kvåle, Gunhild, Eva Maagerø, and Aslaug Veum (Eds.) Kontekst, språk og multimodalitet - nyere sosialsemiotiske perspektiver. Oslo: Fagbokforlaget. 

Score and audio recording for sonification of data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Note that the audio recording is played at c. 80 bpm (cf. 60 bpm on score).

The following sound files are a series of alternative sonifications that, based on the original sonification, are choices that were not made but could have been (cf. Halliday 2013: 25-26). See Fryer (2015) for discussions of these particular options.

In order to play these sound files from your web browser, you may need to install QuickTime, available for download here. Alternatively, you can download all eight sound files in .wav format here (ZIP folder; size 10 MB).

Daniel Lees Fryer
Audio for
“Sonifying the Higgs”
(Fryer 2015)